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High Quality Large Format Image Transfer and Heat Press Services

Pacific Northwest Company

Phone: 971-813-3342

Large Format Heat Press Services, Sublimation and Custom Designs
Call for quote today! Max Coverage 44"x64"

Please review our services to specify what you would like completed. We do not do any screen printing.

Please provide the color or image, desired image dimensions, location of image on garment, quantity of images on garment, color of garment, garment style, garment material, quantity of garments.

If unsure about specifics, please go to our design section for available options.

Same day heat press services available: orders dropped off before 2:30pm will be done same day.
Rush order sublimation orders available with fee.


Heat Press Services:

  • Option1: bring own garment* + ready heat transferable material* = pressing completed 1-2 business days.
  • Option2: bring own garment* + vector ready image* = orders completed in 5-7 business days.

Sublimation + Heat Press:

  • Option3: bring own garment* + vector ready image* + sublimation* = orders completed 2-3 business days.
  • Option4: we provide garment* + vector ready image* + sublimation* = orders completed in 5-7 business days.
  • Option5: we provide garment* + edit image* + sublimation* = orders completed in 5-7 business days.
  • *garment= depending on the image or style you want, garment can be in any material (cotton/polyester/natural/synthetic/blends/etc). For Sublimation, the garment has to be a light-colored polyester or synthetic fibers. Mixed blends will cause the image to be less vivid and have a vintage look. Sublimation can not be processed on dark or black material.
  • *heat transfer material= ready to be pressed, already cut and ready for application, can be pressed onto any color and any material.
  • *vector ready= image does not need to be edited, can be resized without losing quality. Can be used for sublimation or any material. Check FAQ's section for vector definition.
  • *edit image= art fee will apply, we will convert file to vector and be able to resize and create on material or sublimation.
  • *sublimation= can only be applied on light colored synthetic/polyester fabric. Image is permanently dyed into the fabric. Long lasting, no fading or peeling will occur. Full sublimation of a material is possible. Can be on front and back. We can transform a white shirt to a full graphic design, the seams under the arms tend to have errors depending on the cut of the material, errors may occur but we do our best to avoid them.

Design + Heat Press:

  • Option6: we provide garment* + create image* + sublimation* =orders completed in 5-7 business days. create image* = art fee will apply, want to create a logo, design, graphic, edit photo, etc. We will sit down and discuss what you want.



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